Excerpts taken from Susannah Washburn Bowles’ biography of her mother Tamer Washburn (1805–1886). Tamer joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, often inadvertently called the “Mormon Church,” in 1838 and continued full of faith in the Church until the time of her death in 1886.


A black and white photograph portrait of Tamer Washburn.

Tamer Washburn

Abraham and Tamer’s family consisted of Daniel born July 23, 1826 (died at age 9), Mary Ann born November 18, 1828, Emma Jane born July 28, 1830, Elizabeth Underhill born August 23, 1834 (died at age 3), Daniel Abraham born September 8, 1837, Sarah Elizabeth born August 16, 1839, John “E” born April 13, 1842, Susanna born June 23, 1843, Joseph Bates born July 20, 1845, Artmissa Minerva born June 17, 1847.

While living at Sing Sing, Tamer had the following dream: She went to heaven. Everything was beautiful and in perfect order. She visited many wonderful places. In beautiful parks, she saw many groups of happy children at play. They were in the charge of and their play was supervised by very fine, intelligent women. She came to one group where two of her own children were playing. She was surprised to see them there, and when she looked up inquiringly into the face of the lady who had them in charge, the lady said, “Sister Washburn, it is your privilege to see beforehand where your children will be, so that the parting will not be so hard.”

In a few weeks, the two children died. Tamer said that when they died, she could not shed a tear because the vision she had had was continually before her mind.

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