History Mormon Battalion Chapter 01 Section R

The following are the names of officers and men, also families accompanying the command, as far as they have been obtained:

List of Names in the Mormon Battalion


Jefferson Hunt, Captain.

George W. Oman, 1 st. Lieutenant.

Lorenzo Clark, 2nd. Lieut.

William W. Willis,3rd Lieut. (1 st Sergeant at Muster In)

James Ferguson, Sergt. Major.

Phinehas R. Wright, 1 st Ser-(geant Private at M. O.)

Ebenezer Brown, 2nd Sergt.

Reddick N. Allred, 3 rd Sergt.

Alexander McCord, 4th Sergt.

Gilbert Hunt, 1 st. Corporal.

Lafayette N. Frost, 2nd Corp.

Thomas Weir, 3 rd Corp. (Private at M. O.)

William S. Muir, 4th Corp. (Private at M. I.; 1st. Sergeant at M. O.)

Elisha Everett Musician.

Joseph W. Richards “(Died at Pueblo.)


1 Allen Rufus C.

2 Allred James R.

3 Allred James T. S.

4 Allred Reuben W.

5 Allen Albern

6 Brown John

7 Butterfield Jacob K.

8 Bailey James

9 Brunson Clinton D.

10 Brass Benjamin

11 Blanchard Mervin S.

12 Beckstead Gordon S.

13 Beckstead Orin M.

14 Bickmore Gilbert

15 Brown William W.

16 Beran James

17 Briant John S.

18 Curtis Josiah

19 Cox Henderson

20 Chase Hiram B.

21 Calkins Alva C.

22 Casper William W.

23 Calkins James W.

24 Calkins Sylvanus

25 Calkins Edwin R.

26 Colman George

27 Clark Joseph

28 Clark Riley G.

29 Decker Zechariah B.

30 Dobson Joseph

31 Dodson Eli

32 Earl James C.

33 Egbert Robert C.

34 Fairbanks Henry

35 Frederick David

36 Glines James H. (Q. M. Sergeant at M. I., Private at M. O.)

37 Garner David

38 Gordon Gilman

39 Goodwin Andrew

40 Hulett Schuyler

41 Holden Elijah E.

42 Hampton James (died at camp on Rio Grand)

43 Hawkins Benjamin

44 Hickenlooper William F.

45 Hunt Martial

46 Hewett Eli B.

47 Hudson Wilford

48 Hoyt Timothy S.

49 Hoyt Henry P.

50 Ivy Richard A.

51 Jackson Henry

52 Johnson Henry

53 Kelley William

54 Kelley Nicholas

55 Kibley James

56 Lemon James W.

57 Lake Barnabas

58 Moss David

59 Maxwell Maxie

60 Mayfield Benjamin F.

61 Naile Conrad

62 Oyler Melcher

63 Packard Henry, (M. O. as Corporal.)

64 Persons Ebenezer

65 Roe Cariatat C.

66 Ritter John

67 Steele George E.

68 Steele Isaiah C.

69 Sessions Richard

70 Shepherd Lafayette, (M. O. as Corporal.)

71 Swartout Hamilton

72 Sexton George

73 Sessions John

74 Sessions William B.

75 Taylor Joseph

76 Thompson John

77 Vrandenburg Adna

78 Weaver Miles

79 Wriston John P.

80 Wriston Isaac N.

81 Weaver Franklin

82 Wilson Alfred G.

83 Wheeler Merrill W.

84 White Samuel S. (Samuel F. in original)

85 Webb Charles Y.

86 Winn Dennis

87 Woodworth Lysander

88 White Joseph

89 Willey Jeremiah

Company B. Officers

Jesse D. Hunter, Captain

Elam Luddington, 1 st Lieut.

Ruel Barrus, 2nd Lieut.

Philemon C. Merrill, 3 d Lieut.

William Coray, 1 st Orderly Sergeant

William Hyde, 2nd Orderly Sergeant

David P. Rainey, 1 st Corp.

Thomas Dunn, 2nd Corp.

John D. Chase, 3 rd Corp.

William Hunter, Musician

George W. Taggart,

Albert Smith, 3 rd Orderly Sergeant

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