History Mormon Battalion Chapter 46 Section B


“August 25, 1858.

“Editor Deseret News:

“Having been requested by numerous friends to publish the accompanying letters, and obtained the permission of Colonel Cooke to do so, I shall feel obliged by your insertion of them in the News.

“Very respectfully,

“Yours in Christ,



“May 4, 1858.


“In looking through files of eastern papers, lately received, I saw a letter purporting to have been written by you, and dated at Camp Scott, November 29th, 1857. In that letter you assert that the `Mormons’ are a set of cowards, like all assassins and bullies.

“I am what is generally termed a `Mormon,’ and as such served my country honorably under your command. Your statements I consider most unwarranted, and a very ungenerous return for the sincere respect entertained for you by the Mormon Battalion, and indeed the whole `Mormon’ people.

“I sincerely trust that you have it in your power to disclaim the authorship of that letter. If not, as an American citizen and a gentleman, spurning the epithets hurled at me in connection with a people of whom in the midst of their worst misfortunes I am proud, I ask you, kindly and with respect, to make that apology which your own sense of honor will suggest is due.

“I have the honor to remain,

“Most respectfully, etc.,


“2nd Dragoons, U. S. A., Brig. Gen. U. T.

“Camp Scott. Adj. Gen.”
The following is Cooke’s reply:


“CAMP FAULKNER, June 8, 1858.


“I have this day received your letter of May 4th, respecting the authenticity of a letter, which you say, was published in an eastern newspaper, purporting by, and in which I `assert the Mormons are a set of cowards, like all assassins and bullies.’ I wrote no such letter: I wrote no letter for publication. I never wrote or spoke such a sentence. I left Camp Scott November 26th, and did not return: the letter, you say, was dated there November 29th.

“I never saw such a letter in the papers, or heard of its existence, until lately as a rumor from Salt Lake City.

“I thank you for informing me of this mysterious forgery. My sense of the performance of the Mormon Battalion was expressed at San Luis Rey, in an order, which you remember, and which stands printed in a Senate document; and I can only refer to my connection with you, on the Battalion staff, as a satisfactory and pleasant one.

“Very respectfully,

“Your obedient servant,


“Salt Lake City, Lt. Col. 2nd Dragoons.

“Utah Territory.”

When Colonel Cooke wrote the foregoing letter he was on his way to Utah, with the U. S. Army, under command of the late rebel general, Sidney A. Johnston, for the purpose of suppressing the imaginary “Mormon Rebellion.” When the army passed through Salt lake City on the 26th of June following, Colonel Cooke, out of deference to the brave men who had served under him in the Mormon Battalion, took off his hat and rode through the deserted city with his head uncovered.

The following are the names, addresses, occupations and offices of the surviving members of the Battalion, so far as known at the present time (March, 1882):

Adams Orson B. (Sergt), Harrisburg, Washington Co., Utah; Farmer and Stock Raiser.

Adair Wesley, Arizona; Farmer.

Allen Rufus C., Paragoonah, Iron Co., Utah; Farmer.

Allred Redick N. (Q. M. Sergt.), Chester, Sanpete Co., Utah; Bishop, and Col. of Militia.

Averett Elisha (Musician), Kanab, Kane Co., Utah.

Allred J. T. S., Spring City, Sanpete Co., Utah; Farmer.

Averett Juthan, Springville, Utah Co., Utah.

Allred Reuben W., Kanarra, Kane Co., Utah.

Barrus Ruel (Lieut.), Grantsville, Tooele Co., Utah; Farmer.

Bybee John M.; Farmer.

Barney Walter, Monroe, Sevier Co., Utah; Farmer.

Brizzee H. W., Mesa City, Arizona.

Boyd G. W., Salt Lake City; Stock Raiser.

Bunker Edward, Santa Clara, Washington Co., Utah; Bishop.

Buckley Newman, Springville, Utah Co., Utah Co., Utah; Book-canvasser.

Bates Joseph, Payson, Utah Co., Utah.

Bird Wm., Paris, Bear Lake Co., Idaho.

Bigler H. W., St. George, Washington Co., Utah; Employed in the Temple.

Barrowman John, Nephi, Juab Co., Utah; Farmer.

Brimhall John, Orderville, Kane Co., Utah; Farmer and Mechanic.

Boyle H. G., Payson, Utah Co., Utah; Missionary, and Chaplain of Utah Legislature.

Brown John, Leeds, Washington Co., Utah; Farmer.

Butterfield Jacob K., Taylorsville, Salt Lake Co., Utah.

Brunson C. D., Box Elder Co., Utah.

Beckstead Gordon S., South Jordan, Salt Lake Co., Utah.

Brown James S., Salt Lake City; Home Missionary.

Buchanan John (Corpl.), Manti, Sanpete Co., Utah; Carpenter.

Brown Alexander, Lynne, Weber Co., Utah.

Brown Jesse S., Promontory, Box Elder Co., Utah.

Clark Lorenzo (Lieut.), St. George, Washington Co. Utah; Tanner.

Caldwell Matthew, Huntington, Emery Co., Utah; President of Seventies, and Farmer.

Cazier John, Nephi, Juab Co., Utah.

Curtis R. F., Newton, Cache Co., Utah; Farmer.

Curtis Dorr P.; Farmer.

Cox Amos, Manti, Fremont Co., Iowa.

Chase Hiram B., Nephi.

Casper Wm. W., Mill Creek, Salt Lake Co., Utah; Major in Militia and Farmer.

Cole James, Springville, Utah Co. Utah.

Casto Wm., Big Cottonwood, Salt Lake Co., Utah; Horticulturist and Farmer.

Casto James.

Collins R. H. (Corpl.), Huntington Emery Co., Utah.

Chase John D., Nephi, Juab Co., Utah; Member of High Council.

Carpenter W. H., St, George, Washington Co., Utah; Broom Maker.

Cheeney Zacheus, Centerville, Davis Co., Utah; Farmer.

Dykes Geo. P. (Lieut.), Arizona.

Dalton Henry S., Centerville, Davis, Co., Utah.

Dalton Edward, Parowan, Iron Co., Utah; Member of Utah Legislature and Probate Judge.

Dalton Harry; Farmer.

Dodge Augustus E., Toquerville. Kane Co., Utah; Agriculturist.

Decker Zechariah, Emery Co., Utah.

Dunn Thomas, Goose Creek, Cassia Co., Idaho.

Earl Jacob.

Evans Israel, Lehi, Utah Co., Utah; Farmer.

Fairbanks Henry, Payson, Utah Co., Utah; Farmer.

Forsgreen John, Salt Lake City.

Follett Wm. T., St. George, Washington Co., Utah.

Follett Wm. A., Arizona.

Frederick David, Beaver, Beaver Co., Utah.

Forbush Lorin.

Garner David, North Ogden; Farmer.

Hunter Jesse D. (Capt.), California.

Higgins Nelson (Capt.), Elsmore, Sevier Co., Utah; Farmer.

Hulett Sylvester (Lieut.), Manti, Sanpete Co., Utah.

Hanks Ebenezer (Sergt.), Parowan, Iron Co., Utah; Miner.

Hunsaker Abraham (Sergt.), Brigham City, Box Elder Co., Utah; Farmer and Bishop of Honeyville.

Hancock Levi W. (Musician), Washington, Washington Co., Utah; One of the First Presidency of Seventies.

Hatch Meltiar, Panguich, Iron Co., Utah; Ranchman.

Hatch Orin, South Bountiful Davis Co., Utah; Farmer.

Harmon Lorenzo F.

Harrison Isaac, Sandy, Salt Lake Co., Utah; Postmaster and Justice of the Peace.

Hendricks William D., Richmond, Cache Co., Utah; Railroad Contractor.

Howell T. C. D., Clifton, Oneida Co., Idaho; Farmer.

Harmon Oliver N., Hoytsville, Summit Co., Utah; Home Missionary.

Hess John W., Farmington, Davis Co., Utah; Bishop.

Hunter Edward, Grantsville, Tooele Co., Utah; Bishop.

Hinckley Arza E., Cove Creek, Millard Co., Utah; Ranchman.

Hickenlooper Wm. F., Ogden, Weber Co., Utah.

Holdaway Shadrach, Provo, Utah Co., Utah.

Hunt Marshall, Snowflake, Apache Co., Arizona.

Hawk Wm., Salt Lake City.

Hudson Wilford, Grantsville, Tooele Co., Utah.

Henrie Daniel, Manti, Sanpete Co., Utah.

Harris Silas, Glendale, Kane Co., Utah; Farmer and Stock Raiser.

Huntsman Isaac, Wellsville, Cache Co., Utah; Blacksmith.

Ivie Thos. C., Scipo, Millard Co, Utah; Farmer.

Ivie Richard,

Jamerson Charles, Minersville, Beaver Co., Utah.

Judd Zadock K., Kanab, Kane Co., Utah.

Jackson H. J.

Kelly Wm., American Fork, Utah Co., Utah; Farmer.

Keysor Guy M., Richfield, Sevier Co., Utah.

Luddington Elam (Lieut.), Sugar House Ward, Salt Lake Co., Utah; Merchant.
Landers Ebenezer, Salem, Utah Co., Utah; Farmer.

Lewis Samuel, Panguich, Iron Co., Utah; Stone Mason.

Lawson John.

Lake Barnabas, Franklin, Oneida Co., Idaho.

Layton Christopher. Kaysville, Davis Co., Utah; Counselor to Stake President, and Farmer.

Larson Thurston.

Lemon James W., Weston, Cache Co., Utah; Farmer.

Merrill Philemon C. (Adjt.), St. David, Arizona; Patriarch.

Muir Wm. S. (1st Sergt.), West Bountiful, Davis Co., Utah; Farmer.

Miles Samuel (Q. M. Sergt.), St. George, Washington Co., Utah; High Counselor and Justice of the Peace.

Morris Thomas, Farmer’s Ward, Salt Lake Co., Utah; Market Gardener.

Murdock John R., Beaver, Beaver Co., Utah; President of Stake and Councilor in Legislature.

Merrill Ferdinand, Salt Lake City, Utah; Farmer.

Murdock Orrice C., Republic City, Republic Co., Kansas; Farmer.

McCullough Levi H., Fillmore, Millard Co., Utah.

Moore Calvin H., Spring City, Sanpete Co., Utah.

Martin Edward, Salt Lake City; Hackman.

Mesick Peter, West Weber, Weber Co., Utah.

Mead Orlando F., Spanish Fork; Shoemaker.

Myers Samuel, Glendale, Kane Co., Utah; Carpenter and Joiner.

Martin Jesse B., Scipio, Millard Co., Utah; Farmer.

McArthur Henry,
Mowrey Harley, Paris, Bear Lake Co., Idaho.

Maxwell William B., William’s Valley, Secora Co., New Mexico; Ranchman.

Naile John C., Toquerville, Kane Co., Utah; Farmer and Pomologist.

Oakley James, Springville, Utah Co., Utah.

Olmstead Hiram, Ogden, Weber Co., Utah.

Pace James (Leiut), Washington, Washington Co., Utah; Farmer.

Packard Henry, Springville, Utah Co., Utah.

Peck Edward, Provo, Utah Co., Utah; Blacksmith.

Prows Wm. C., Kanosh, Millard Co., Utah.

Pulsipher David, Concho, Arizona.

Park James, Cedar Valley, Utah Co., Utah.

Rainey David P., (Sergt., not Corp. as erroneously appears on the roll), Richmond, Cache Co., Utah; Farmer.

Shipley Joseph, American Fork, Utah Co., Utah.

Roberts Levi, Kaysville, Davis Co., Utah; Farmer.

Rowe Wm., Mendon, Cache Co., Utah; Farmer.

Rollins John, Springville, Utah Co., Utah.

Roe C. C., Sanpete Co., Utah.

Riser John J., Centerville, Alameda Co., California; Farmer.

Rogers Samuel H., Snowflake, Apache Co., Arizona.

Rust Wm, Payson, Utah Co., Utah; Doctor.

Strong Wm., Salt Lake City.

Smith John G., Draper, Salt Lake Co., Utah; Farmer.

Stoddard Rufus, Piute Co., Utah.
Shupe James, Ogden, Weber Co., Utah; Blacksmith.

Shepherd M. L. (Corp.), Beaver, Beaver Co., Utah; Counselor to President of Stake, Farmer and Stock Raiser.

Smith Azariah, Manti, Sanpete Co., Utah.

Smith Albert (Q. M. Sergt.), Manti, Sanpete Co., Utah.

Standage Henry, Arizona.

Savage Levi, Toquerville, Kane Co., Utah; Vine Gardener.

Smith Willard G., Littleton, Morgan Co., Utah; Stake President and Probate Judge.

Sprague R. D. (Musician), Brigham City, Box Elder Co., Utah.

Sanderson Henry W., Fairview, Sanpete Co., Utah; Mayor, and Major in Militia.

Stephens Lyman, Orderville, Kane Co., Utah; Carpenter and Joiner.

Smith Lot. Sunset, Apache Co., Arizona; President of Stake.

Steele John, Toquerville, Kane Co., Utah; Farmer.

Sessions John, Provo Valley, Wasatch Co., Utah; Farmer.

Thompson Samuel, (Lieut.), Spanish Fork, Utah Co., Utah; Farmer.

Tyler Daniel (Sergt.), Beaver City, Beaver Co., Utah; President of High Priests’ Quorum, and Magistrate.

Terrill Joel J. (Sergt.), Ogden, Weber Co., Utah; Farmer.

Tuttle L. T. (Sergt.), Manti, Sanpete Co., Utah; Merchant.

Taggart G. W. (Musician), Richville, Morgan Co., Utah; Member of High Council.

Tanner Myron, Provo, Utah Co., Utah; Bishop.

Thompson John C., Riverdale, Weber Co., Utah; Farmer.

Twichel Anciel, Beaver, Beaver Co., Utah; Farmer.

Tippets John H., Sanpete, Co., Utah.

Thompson James L.; Farmer.

Thomas Elijah, Leeds, Washington Co., Utah.

Wriston John P.

Wade Edward, Ogden, Weber Co., Utah.

Workman Andrew J., Virgen City, Kane Co., Utah; Farmer.

Workman Oliver G., Salt Lake City.

Walker Wm. H., Big Cottonwood, Salt Lake Co., Utah; Farmer.

Wilson George D., Hillsdale, Iron Co., Utah.

Wilson A. G., Moab, Emery Co., Utah.

Weaver Franklin, Cache Co., Utah.

White S. S., Pleasant Grove, Utah Co., Utah.

Webb C. Y., Parowan, Iron Co., Utah.

Winn Dennis, Richmond, Cache Co., Utah.

Williams James V., Monroe, Sanpete Co., Utah.

Wilkin David, Pioche, Lincoln Co., Nevada.

Zabriskie Jerome, Minersville, Beaver Co., Utah; Farmer and Stock Raiser.
Mormon Battalion Song


All hail the brave Battalion!
The noble, valiant band,
That went and served our country
With willing heart and hand.
Altho’ we’re called disloyal
By many a tongue and pen,
Our nation boasts no soldiers
So true as “Mormon” men.

O’er many a barren desert
Our weary feet have trod,
To find, where, unmolested,
The Saints can worship God.
We’ve built up many cities-
We’re building temples, too;
Which prove to all beholders
What “Mormon” hands can do.

We settled here in Utah,
Upon a sterile soil,
And by our faith and patience
And hard, unflinching toil,
And thro’ the daily blessings
Our Father, God, bestows,
The once forbidding desert
Now blossoms as the rose.

What tho’ the wicked hate us,
And’ gainst our rights contend;
And, through their vile aggressions,
Our brotherhood would rend!
The keys of truth and knowledge,
And power to us belong;
And we’ll extend our borders
And make our bulwarks strong.

Our sons are growing mighty,
And they are spreading forth,
To multiply our numbers
And beautify the earth.
All hail, the brave Battalion!
The noble, valiant band,
That went and served our country
With willing heart and hand.
Concise History of the Mormon Battalion

(Tyler, Daniel)

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