History Mormon Battalion Chapter 11 Section A


Detachment Sent to Pueblo From Santa Fe-Death of Milton Smith-Death of Joseph W. Richards-Tributes From His Comrades and Sister Hunt

The names of the officers and men who went from Santa Fe to Pueblo to winter, under command of Captain James Brown, are as follows, so far as known:

Company a

Joseph W. Richards Musician (died)

1 Allred James T. S.

2 Allred Reuben W.

3 Blanchard Marvin S.

4 Calkins James W.

5 Garner David

6 Glines James H.

7 Hulett Schuyler

8 Holden Elijah E.

9 Jackson Charles A.

10 Lake Barnabas

11 Oyler Melcher

12 Roe Caratat C.

13 Sessions John

14 Wriston John P.

Company B

Elam Luddington, 1 st. Lieut. John D. Chase, 3 d. Corp.

1 Allen Franklin

2 Bingham Erastus

3 Bird William

4 Garner Philip

5 Persons Harmon D.

6 Stephens Lyman

7 Stillman Dexter

8 Walker William

9 Wright Charles

Company C

Orson B. Adams, 1 st. Sergt. Alexander Brown, 2 nd Corp.

1 Brown Jesse J.

2 Beckstead William E.

3 Carpenter William H.

4 Carpenter Isaac
5 Calvert John

6 Durphy Francillo

7 Gould Samuel

8 Gould John C.

9 Johnson Jarvis

10 Larson Thurston

11 Nowlan Jabez (Corp. at M. I., Private at M. O.)

12 Persons Judson A.

13 Smith Richard

14 Smith Milton (died)

15 Shupe Andrew J.

16 Shupe James

17 Terrill Joel J.

18 Tindell Solomon

19 Wilkin David (Corp. at M. I., Private at M. O.)

20 Perkins David

21 Perkins John

* -Reported erroneously on former roll as 2nd Sergt.

Company D

Thomas S. Williams 2 nd Sergt.

Arnold Stephens 1 st. Corp.

1 Abbott Joshua

2 Averett Jonathan

3 Casto William

4 Chase Abner (died)

5 Davis James

6 Douglass Ralph

7 Gifford William B.

8 Hirons James

9 Kenney Lorin E.

10 Lamb Lisbon

11 Laughlin David S.

12 Meeseck Peter J.

13 Oakley James

14 Rowe William

15 Steele John

16 Sargent Abel M.

17 Gribble William

18 Roberts Benjamin

19 Sanderson Henry W.

20 Sharp Albert

21 Stillman Clark

22 Smith John G.

23 Tanner Myron

24 Whiting Almon

25 Whiting Edmund

Company E

Ebenezer Hanks 3 d. Sergt.

1 Clark Samuel

2 Cummings George

3 Glazier Luther W.

4 Hess John W.

5 Hopkins Charles

6 Karren Thomas

7 Miller Daniel

8 Park William A.

9 Pugmire Jonathan, jr.

10 Stevens Roswell

11 Jacobs Bailey

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