Smith Howland Chart

Joseph Smith had strong ancestors, and many noble men came from the same line as he did, including five U.S. presidents and one British prime minister, Sir Winston Churchill. This descendancy chart, from Henry Howland, shows that these men came from the same line through three of Howland’s sons: Arthur, John, and Henry. Sir Winston Churchill came through Arthur’s line. Joseph Smith, Emma Hale Smith (Joseph Smith’s wife), Franklin Roosevelt, George Bush, and George W. Bush all came through John’s line, and Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford both came through Henry’s line.

A picture and diagram of the Howland Family Chart consisting of the ancestors of mormon prophet Joseph Smith.For a text-only, larger version of this chart in pdf format, follow this link: Howland-Smith Descendancy Chart.

Article Name
Descendancy Chart of Henry Howland
Henry Howland's descendancy chart shows five U.S. presidents and one British prime minister coming through the same line as Joseph Smith, Jr.

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